KnoWhat2Do PrepareFair

Posted On:04.02.2010
Posted by Lisa

Dear Lisa and the band,

How can I begin to thank you for your amazing performance at our public festival Sunday, March 28th? We knew in planning the first ever KnoWhat2Do PrepareFair we would need a band, and boy did we choose the right one! Not only are we certain the amazing music blasting through your speakers attracted a HUGE portion of the crowd we ended up with, your performance exceeded our expectations in every area!

The music was amazing. I spoke to so many people who really enjoyed the variety of music, the talent and energy of you and your band and the sheer fun atmosphere you created. To see your entire band playing together is to truly enjoy the richness that comes from having just the right blend of instrustments and voices- I can’t imagine the time you all must put into preparing for your performances, but it shows and it is appreciated!

In addition, Lisa, I have to thank you for taking the initiative to really get involved in the ENTIRE event. You paid so much attention to our sponsor, in such a natural and conversational way. You worked to engage the crowd and continually reminded them through the day why we were there, what was going on around the park and really kept things alive. You blend your interaction with the crowd into your music so flawlessly- I can only say you’re a natural!

Your band was a lot of fun, and they were so funny at times! I really enjoyed when you announced free hot dogs and half of the band acted like they were running off stage to get them. Your group, together, is talented, funny, entertaining and not only would we like to make Canta a repeat performance at our yearly event, I recommend you heartily to anyone looking for the full package of music, entertainment, magic and fun! Thank you, Lisa and each member of the wonderful Canta band!

Erin Steed
President, Steed Creative