Assorted Quotes from Fans

Posted On:09.08.2016
Posted by Lisa

Great group, really enjoyed your mix!   -Lynn
Love that Latin Brass fusion – Paul S.
Love to listen to CANTA!!  -Rachel
You guys are great, please put me on your mailing list!
Y’all Rock!!!
Thanks for the great entertainment, what a wonderful evening.
Sounds great!!
Great balance of instruments & vocals, very talented group
So versatile and amazing!    Gina from Fort Worth
Great music!!  -Gerri M.
Muy buen grupo, es bueno que canten en los dos idiomas. -Jaime
Excellent horn section!!!
Please send me notice when you play in Tarrant County
Love You’s!!
Great music, great beat, awesome band!  – Sherry from Keller
Fantastic Bass player….wow!
Great music!!
Love the variety that you play; great musicians!
You guys are awesome!!!
Great show!  – Chris
Awesome music!!!  -Robert E.
Love the singers, the brass is great!!!
Great Music!!!!
Love the show—LOVE the music!!!
Good music!!
This Band is Hott!  Mauricio G.
Thank you for the “happy birthday”!!!
I would so follow y’all anywhere!!!
Love the band- the wide variety of music, guest singer was marvelous!!!
Excellent singing and band!!!!
Great sound!!
XOXO you guys!!!
Fun fun!!
Wonderful!! God Bless You.
Great group, love the music!!!
Great job!!!
Good show and great vocals!
Good music!!
We are really enjoying this concert, thank you!!!
Great job!!!
Great music!
Enjoyed the show VERY MUCH!!!
Great band, keep up the good work!
What a horn section, love the music!
You rock, especially the Latino music!
Good Show!
Love the music-nice trombone!
Very Enjoyable!
Love your band!
Like the band, tight horn section, great vocals!
Great mix of music!
From a 68 yr. old Anglo, you guys are GREAT love the professionalism!
Your beautiful
Good Show!
Your sound is fantastic, you like to party!
Thanks for a great time!
I’m really enjoying your performance.
Love your musica!!  -Martha
I love the way you all perform.
I love and enjoy this concert, thank you!!
Wonderful!!   – Burt